We are pleased to announce grant opportunities for three or four foreign senior scholars and professionals coming from eligible countries, including Indonesia, under the FY2007 Fulbright/American Political Science Association (APSA) Congressional Fellowship Program.

The program is a twelve-month grant designed to give foreign scholars and professionals the opportunity to study the workings of Congress as a Congressional fellow and staff person working full time in a Congressional office for approximately six months of the grant. Other periods of the grant are devoted to seminars and enrichment activities. The average class is a diverse group of mid-career U.S. political science professors and journalists, U.S. government domestic and foreign affairs policy specialists, health policy physicians and health-care professionals, and five or six international fellows in addition to the Fulbright/APSA Fellows. The Fulbright/APSA Fellowship is not designed to be a research program. Grantees will have an opportunity to do some research in the initial two months and in the final month of the grant, but not during the Fellowship period at the U.S. Congress.

Eligibility Criteria:

1. Applicants must be an Indonesian citizen;
2. Applicants may be academics, journalists, or public policy professionals with a scholarly interest in the U.S. Congress and the policymaking process and committed to making a significant contribution to the understanding of the political process by the general public. Their expertise should be within the following fields: political science including comparative political systems and legislative / parliamentary studies, communications / journalism, public policy administration, sociology, or law.
3. Applicants must understand and speak English at a near-native level of fluency;
4. Applicants must have a graduate (S-1) degree or the equivalent in professional training or experience;

How To Apply: