Five Important Tips For Choosing Your SEO Professional

May 6th, 2008
When you are about to launch your website, you can feel quite confused about which SEO firm should be chosen to help you reach a good ranking, and off course a good targeted traffic volume to your website. Traffic to your website depends on the search engine optimization process, which you might be aware of but here are with few tips on how to choose a good SEO company for the purpose.

A) Rank of the SEO company
First thing first in this process is the ability and the capability of the SEO. The ability of a SEO can be tested by asking for the rating of the company itself. If an SEO company cannot rate itself for important keywords, than it is hardly possible that it can do the same task for you. So, if you are hunting for an SEO, consider the company’s own positioning first.
B) Set realistic targets
The second most important thing is the target that you suggest and they agree to help you reach. If an SEO company is committing to getting you a good ranking in just a month or so, forget it as such promises are false because the targets are unrealistic. SEO ranking is an on going process and there are a lot of criteria that a website needs to fulfill for getting a good positing with the SEO process. There are a lot of tools and standards that are used as a base for the calculation of the position also known as algorithm. Any well experienced SEO will have to make you aware of the process of promoting in search engines and would set a realistic target for you.
C) Service base of SEO
While you are all set to choose an SEO professional to work for you, you must take a quick look at the scope of the SEO services that the company is likely to provide to its clients. The services provided by a SEO include other things as well, besides the main function of projecting the website and giving it a ranking. Before signing the deal make sure you are cleared on what you will be provided for the money you spend. In case you are unaware of the SEO work and services you can clarify your doubts doing the research online. Link building and updating of the site are few of the services which are given together as a package.
D) SEO Service support
Service support and tangible benchmarks are also one of the major areas of concern while you are looking for an SEO company. Any good SEO company should be able to back up all the services it is committed to give. In the market you are likely to find many that can promise a great deal but only good and reputed ones are able to back up their services and provide accountability. However, they may not guarantee results.
E) Clear Analysis
Last but not least look for clear warning signs that can show you the right picture and can even show you the right path. These warning signs can be many and few of them are laid down for you right here:-
1) Often many SEO firms ask their clients to develop multiple sites so that it can help in link building. Also, they find it an easy way to attract different search engines. If you are planning to say yes to such an SEO firm I would recommend you not to do so as you will only end up wasting your resources. For good Search engine optimization purposes, you do not need to have many sites but one good website with essential articles, content and proper back links. Incase you wish to make use of two or more website make sure you have two different topics that do not somehow resemble each other so that you avoid a double content issues.
2) There are a lot of automated tools out there that promises amazing results. If the SEO company you are about to hire do not manually do the work, look for another SEO firm. Articles are major factors that bring traffic to your website and their quality and originality makes a lot of difference to SEO ratings, if they are not properly optimized then there is no point in writing them.
3) Link building is very important to reach higher search engine rankings and if somehow you see that your SEO firm is promising you a good SEO position without any planning on link building strategy, it is better that you get out before you loose your shirt.
Moe Tamani is an SEO Services consultant specializing in Organic Search Engine optimization.