One of the things that I like best about the Internet is how easy it is
to exchange information with other people. One of the most informative
and interactive ways to do so is by becoming involved in various forums.
In terms of search engine optimization, there are countless forums out
there from which any person can glean tons of useful information. At the
same time, you can also share your own experiences and tips. But if you
are new to these things, which forum do you go to? came up
with a list of the best forums
out there which focus on web site optimization. Let's pay some of them a

/*Web Site Optimization Forum #1: High Rankings
<>* is a forum put together by Jill Whalen, one of the
shining stars in the Web site optimization world. I like this forum
because of the variety of people that contribute, the discussions are
informative and friendly, and all skill levels are encouraged to

High Rankings is at the top of their list. I paid this site a visit and
was impressed at the activity of its members. By the way, there are more
topics than SEO. I think I shall spend more time browsing through their

/*Web Site Optimization Forum #2: Search Engine Watch
<>* is one of the best places on the Web to get
information about search, search engine technology, search engine news,
search engine optimization, etc., and their forums are much the same.
Danny Sullivan is one of the moderators of these forums, and I always
learn something new every time I drop in. Lots of great discussions
about anything from algorithms to Yahoo./

What I like about this site is how the topics are arranged. I find it
very organized and easy to navigate, thus I spend less time trying to
find something that is relevant to me.