Trust Google to come up with something new and useful for countless users all around the world. We have talked about the Google Keyword Tool and Google Alerts in previous posts. This time, they launched a new tool called Google Insights.

So what is new about this tool? Computer World reports:

Google Inc. yesterday rolled out a new tool that it said can help marketing and advertising users better analyze Internet search patterns, while also adding new tools such as a “heat map” for graphically displaying search volumes and other data.

Google Insights for Search is an extension of the updated Google Trends tool that the company launched in June. Like Google Trends, the Insights software lets users type in search terms and then see search volume patterns over time as well as the top related and rising searches, Google said in a blog post. But it added that with the new tool, users also can compare volume trends across multiple search terms, vertical industry categories, geographic regions and time ranges.

Insights for Search is designed to be used by advertisers, small business owners, academics and others, Google said, noting that it provides added “flexibility and functionality for advertisers and marketers to understand search behavior.”

So basically, if you are looking for more specific information on what people are searching for online, you can make use of Google Insights. The added details that users can input make this tool very useful. In addition to this, the graphical user interface can also make the tool easier for those who are more visually inclined.